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The collegiate church Saint-Martin


Built in 1160 and reconstructed from the years 1220, the Collegiate Church of St-Martin of Chablis is one of the many religious buildings influenced by the Cathedral of sense. Apart from the steeple, it has retained its original walls. Paintings from the 13th century and the horseshoes on the portal side highlight the specificity of this step on the road to Santiago de Compostela. Successive restorations have little to change its general appearance, with the exception of the Bell Tower, built in 1852, and the arrow amounts to 50 meters.



Between studs and cut stones, balusters and pinnacles carved, paved granite and limestone pavers, small streets and estates of plots, licked by the meanders of the Serein, Noyers towers the medieval wearing his title of "one of the most beautiful villages of France".

Whether day or night, down the main road of the village, we could, with very little imagination, see Knights, peasants, clerics or bourgeois and we wouldn't be surprised to see on the corner of two streets figure jovial of a yesteryear bourguignon or hear escape singing a minstrel to one of the sixteen towers lining the walls.

Rogny 7 locks


Rogny seven locks opens one of the doors of the Puisaye. He will lead you to the wonders what this picturesque region (ponds, castles, Site, crafts, gastronomy), and the potters of the Puisaye nine.

Village of 776 inhabitants, Rogny seven locks is one of the attractions which the Puisaye can be proud, with his curious book of which it takes its name.

Castle of Meaulnes


Located at the edge of the Yonne in the territory of the commune of Cruzy-le-Châtel, not far from Thunder, Tanlay and Ancy-le-Franc, the castle of Meaulnes is a unique monument in France by the pentagonal shape of its plan, centered around a stair-well.

This Renaissance Castle was built in the second half of the sixteenth century by influential sponsors.

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The Abbey of Reigny


The Abbey of REIGNY, located in the commune of Vermenton, in Burgundy, was founded in 1128, by the Abbé Etienne of Toucy, monk of Clairvaux and under the authority of saint Bernard. Implanted in a frame exceptional by the Cure, land of counties of Auxerre and Nevers, the Abbey under the protection of Pope Eugene III in 1147 was very powerful and prosperous in the middle ages, she welcomed up to 300 monks.

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